360 degree panoramas.

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360 degree panoramas and ‘tours’ now available. From the1st February 2020, ClearSkyImaging are pleased to be able to offer clients 360 degree panoramas and 360 degree virtual ‘tours’.These can be a wonderful way to display organisations’ properties, events, locations and surroundings on their websites to provide visitors with an interactive tour of their facilities. Displaying properties and locations online. 360 degree panoramas and tours are ideally suited to Real Estate, hospitality and tourism clients, but are suitable for a wide … Read More

Aerial 3D Photogrammetry without a drone or UAV.

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How on earth could we produce a 3D model, where drones are not allowed? When researching a route to a training establishment for a recent QGIS training course, we were intrigued to see a ‘pin’ on Google Maps for a something called ‘Arthur’s Stone’, which appeared to be a small neolithic burial chamber, overlooking the ‘Golden Valley’ in Herefordshire. We immediately wondered just how this would look as a 3D model! Investigating the site further, it became clear that it … Read More