Commercial Drone Photography, Building Inspections, UAV Surveys and more.

Clear Sky Imaging is a trading name of Hauraki Systems Ltd. providing commercial drone photography, building inspections and UAV services. We are based in south Shropshire, and are ideally located to provide a variety of aerial imaging services throughout the surrounding areas.

Drone photography.

Holding a CAA Operational Authorisation (OA) #5258 enables us to undertake professional aerial work for clients in a variety of sectors.

We fly drones that can be equipped with a range of sensors and cameras. These enable us to produce video work at 4K or 1080p and still images to 4000 x 3000 px in RAW or JPEG format. Sensors enabling NDVI output and thermal imaging are also available for clients requesting such imaging.

All work is undertaken within CAA rules and guidelines. We hold all necessary insurances required for providing commercial aerial services..

Drone, commercial drone photography building inspections UAV survey
commercial drone photography, ground based pole cams too

For ground based imaging, photography and videography, we can supply timelapse cameras to capture long term projects such as construction, refurbishing and landscaping.

For aerial inspection purposes where drone use would be impossible, due to restrictions in congested areas, or adjacent critical infrastructure, such as airports etc. we can utilise pole mounted cameras to provide the required images safely.

You can contact us on (01584) 517070