360 degree panoramas and virtual tours for business.

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360 degree panoramas and 'virtual tours' now available.

From the1st February 2020, ClearSkyImaging are pleased to be able to offer clients 360 degree panoramas and 360 degree virtual ‘tours’.
These can be a wonderful way to display organisations’ properties, events, locations and surroundings on their websites to provide visitors with an interactive tour of their facilities.

Virtual tours have been hugely important during the Coronavirus pandemic, and are sure to be very popular for a vast range of businesses and organisations in the future. We tend to utilise DSLR cameras, rather than dedicated 360 degree cameras due to the increased quality of the images we can provide for a very reasonable cost. Of course, we can combine these with outdoor aerial images and video to provide a total solution.

Displaying properties and locations online.

360 degree panoramas and tours are ideally suited to Real Estate, hospitality and tourism clients, but are suitable for a wide range of businesses and organisations who wish to promote their premises online.

We utilise a range of DSLRs and associated equipment in order to capture the detail that clients require.

360 degree panorama fromClear Sky Imaging in Shropshire

A short 360 degree ‘tour’ of Heath Chapel in the South Shropshire hills.

A virtual tour is also a great way to complement drone photography or some drone videography of your premises or event. Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss any imaging, be it aerial, ground based, or 360 tours.

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