Commercial drone photography and video.

We can supply aerial photography and video imaging covering real estate, sporting and corporate events, and the travel and tourism sector.
Traditional photography and video for these sectors is also available, now including 360 degree panoramas to promote your business or facilities,

Building inspections.

Avoid the expense and inconvenience of scaffolding, and the danger of working at height. Using our drones can provide a quick, safe method of inspecting hard to reach places.
Where drone operations are difficult, or impossible because of the environment,we also have a 10m pole mounted camera enabling close inspection of roofs and other building fabric.

Drones in agriculture, sport and leisure.

Having successfully completed the BASiS drone practitioner course and exam, we are well placed to cover a variety of agricultural based aerial services. As well as sport and leisure facilities.
We have sensors available for multispectral imaging of crops.

Mapping and modelling with drones.

We can produce orthophoto and colourised elevation maps. Also maps for area and 3D volume measurements. 3D ‘models’ for visualisation of buildings and land. Having successfully completed courses in drone surveying and modelling and QGIS we are confident that we can produce data to satisfy all clients’ needs.

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