Bright spots on your drone photos and videos?

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Why is there a bright spot on my drone photos and videos?

Occasionally, when photos and videos are taken from drones, you can see quite a bright spot, normally when the sun is behind the camera and very bright.
Here’s an example of such a scenario, a photo taken in the South Shropshire countryside, early in February. You can clearly see the ‘bright spot’ arrowed on the right hand side of the image.

A photo from a drone, showing a 'bright spot' in bright sunshine
Drone photo showing a 'white spot' in bright sunshine

Initially, this may look like an issue with the drone sensor or lens, but on closer inspection, it can be seen from this image that all the shadow from the middle tree in the foreground is pointing towards the bright spot. It can also be seen that the tree in question is directly in front of, and below the drone.
In this case, the ‘bright spot’ is actually an optical phenomenon known as Heiligenschein, or Cellini’s halo where a bright spot appears around the shadow of the viewer’s head (or in this case, drone) in the presence of dew.

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