Things to consider when hiring a drone pilot.

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Hiring a drone pilot. Update – Drone rules are changing at the end of December 2020. But people hiring drone operators must ensure that the operators have the necessary COMMERCIAL insurance in place for the work being undertaken. Hiring a drone or UAV pilot can be a time consuming, and confusing experience. Further confusion may have been generated by the ‘Drone and Pilot Registration’ regulations introduced in the UK by the CAA in November 2019.Here we have a brief run … Read More

OpenDroneMap on CentOS 7

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Installing a Low Cost (or No Cost) Drone mapping solution on CentOS 7 Linux. Drone mapping and 3D modelling solutions range from free or very reasonable cost, to very high end solutions, with a price tag to match! Here we’re going to install a free, open source application, onto a free Operating System. Having previously installed, and utilised OpenDroneMap on a Mint 18 Linux Laptop and Workstation, as well as a Windows 10 Desktop, we took the opportunity, when rebuilding … Read More