A 3D model of the Treasury in Petra (without even visiting!)

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Never having been to Petra, and not really being able to visit any time soon, I was inspired by a post on packet39.com where they created a 3d ‘model’ of the Treasury building there. I thought I’d give it a try. But instead of using commercial software to generate the point cloud and mesh, I thought I’d give it a go with COLMAP, using this excellent tutorial over at sketchfab.

So I downloaded 100 or so images of the Treasury building via google images, and set to work with COLMAP. It took several attempts to get something that looked quite effective (Probably because of the lower resolution images I tried with at first) but I eventually came up with a ‘model’ that looks quite good, considering the random images used to create it!


My 3D ‘model of the Treasury in Petra as viewed in Meshlab
Mesh created from just over 100 ‘tourist ‘photographs on Google Images and Colmap.

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