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Professional UAV services

for Shropshire and beyond

Clear Sky Imaging’s drone / UAV services.

Based in South Shropshire, we are ideally placed to provide UAV services in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Powys, the West Midlands, Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

Aerial images from dronesD 

Aerial images from drones Aerial photos and video
We can supply aerial photographs and video imagery covering Real Estate, sporting and corporate events, as well as the travel and tourism sector.

Building inspections from drones 

Building inspections from drones Building inspections
Avoiding the expense and inconvenience of scaffolding, and the danger of working at height, our UAVs can provide a quick, safe method of inspecting hard to reach places.

Agricultural drome images 

Agricultural drome images Agriculture
As BASiS registered practitioners, we are able to cover a wide range of agricultural activities, crop scouting using NDVI sensors, building inspections and mapping.

drone mapping imaging 

drone mapping imaging Mapping
We can produce orthophoto and  colourised elevation maps as well as maps for area and 3D volume measurements.