Commercial drone photography and ground based services. 

Clear Sky Imaging is a commercial drone photography and UAV operations company based in South Shropshire. We provide an array of services, such as aerial photography and videography, building inspections, photogrammetry and mapping. Based, as we are, in South Shropshire, we are Ideally located to provide drone and UAV services within the county.

We are well placed to provide drone services to the surrounding areas of Herefordshire, the West Midlands, Mid Wales and beyond.

We are holders of a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), and hold the necessary insurance cover as required by the CAA to operate under the permission.

As well as our drone based services, we also offer a range of imaging solutions such as:
Photography, video, pole cam, cable cam, time lapse and hyper-lapse to cover the majority of our clients’ needs.

Please take  a look at our services page, or alternatively, why not contact us to discuss your needs?

Drone aerial imaging and building inspections.

We provide general aerial photography and video services to a range of sectors, including real estate, agriculture, construction, insurance, tourism and media.

drone land surveying, commercial drone photography building inspections UAV survey

Agricultural imaging.

Based in the heart of rural Shropshire, we are ideally placed to provide professional UAV / drone services within the agricultural sector. You can also find our details on the BASiS register of UAV practitioners.
Being a registered practitioner demonstrates our competency and up-to-date expertise in the rapidly changing and technically demanding agriculture, horticulture and amenity areas.

Wind Turnbine, commercial drone photography building inspections UAV survey

Commercial drone photography and imaging.

Our services also extend into the commercial sector, including imaging for wind turbines, solar farms and other critical commercial infrastructure projects.